My paintings capture the vibrant urban landscape scene, utilizing oil as my medium to depict the essence of my surroundings. I was inspired by my experiences during the senior year of my BFA course, where exposed to Wayne Thiebaud's works at SFMOMA and the cityscape painting class at the Academy of Art University. My current painting series, ‘Moments at That Time: San Francisco,' captures the beauty of the city, revealing scenes that might be overlooked in daily life. Using elements such as composition, color, light, and texture, I convey each moment effectively. Inspired by my daily experiences, I incorporate value and/or color studies, drawing from photos that naturally catch my attention. These paintings transform ordinary moments into cherished memories on canvas, reflecting the life of San Francisco. To enhance each scene, I apply a full palette and expressive brushwork, often experimenting with techniques like bubble wrap and rubber to create diverse textures. In my recent works, I incorporate expressive mark-making in the undertone, layered with representational elements on top. For example, in ‘Night Walk in the Spring Rain,' I capture city street reflections during a rainy night, using bold colors and brushstrokes to create an ordinary scene into an exceptional, dreamlike experience.

Living in California, I was naturally influenced by local artists such as Wayne Thiebaud and Richard Diebenkorn, along with iconic figures like Claude Monet and Edward Hopper. Additionally, my artistic palette has been enriched by the contemporary work of artists like Terry Miura, William Wray, and Ben Aronson. Their distinct concepts and styles consistently provide me with profound inspiration and the motivation to perpetuate my artistic endeavors.

Exploring new experiences often engages our senses, while familiar sights offer comfort and a sense of belonging. Despite being overlooked, these everyday moments hold significant memories that grow over time. The comfort and familiarity of home, family, and a sense of belonging that had faded upon leaving my home country were gradually replaced by the excitement and novelty of encountering a new environment, people, and culture. Over time, what was once new seamlessly transformed into my daily life, and the frequency of moments that compelled me to pause diminished. However, by capturing the beauty of everyday life, I find comfort and belonging in these fragments of time. Each experience became a source of inspiration and motivation, and I discovered joy in simple activities like strolling around, absorbing the scenery, feeling the day’s weather, and relishing moments of solitude.

Through the paintings, I share these rediscovered moments, inviting viewers to explore the city's beauty, painting by painting.

Artist Statement